Product Guide

  • Engine Controller

    Engine Controller

    We offer Customers with different kinds of engine controllers,the controller with below features and paranmeters: Features: 1. Multiple protection features 2. Power generation frequency conversion speed 3. Built-in multiple sensor curves are optional 4. The sensor parameter curve can be customized 5. Highlight digital tube display measurements 6. English and symbolic instructions 7. Panel button setting and modifying system parameters Parameters: 1. Engine speed; 2. Engine oil pressure 3. Eng...
  • power generation engines-43KW-Y4110D

    power generation engines-43KW-Y4110D

    • Reliable:All series engines have passed though 2000 hours durability test.

    • Comfortable:small vibiation and low noise

    • Economy:low fuel consumption and oil consumption.

    • environmental protection:All meet China’s diesel engine emissions requirements, some products meet the United States, Europe, India and other countries emission requirements.

    • Certification:IS09001-2000,TS-16949,EPA,E-MARK,CPCB,CE Certificates.

  • generstor set

    generstor set

    Assembling and Testing: 1.First-class assembly line 2.Atlas Copco Tools and Assembly System. 3.AVL diesel engine combustion analysis system 4.Diesel engine testing scene 5.Advanced testing and control center 6.Nature gas engine testing scene YTO POWER offer high-quality YANGDONG and YTO series diesel generator sets,power rang form 10kva to 500kva,with open type and silent type,50HZ and 60HZ. Advantages and Features 1.Self-produced engines to be be assured of reliable quality, Great value for ...
  • Fire & water pump set

    Fire & water pump set

    YTO POWER supply high-quality diesel fire and water pump set for our cusomers with our self-produce engines,our fire and water pump set can meet Australia,Middle East and Europe standard,we can make the pump set accordingly to Customer’s special requirement. Our series diesel pumps suitable for industrial and city water supply, water drainage, and widely used for agricultural irrigation, transportation pure water or other liquids which physical and chemical nature is similar to pure water. F...
  • Tractor


    As an experienced wheeled tractor manufacturer in China, we at YTO can manufacture a wide range of wheeled tractors, with power ranging from 18 to 500HP, According to its drive mode, the wheeled tractor can be generally classified into 2WD tractor and 4WD tractor. By the engine it uses, the wheeled tractor primarily includes 2 cylinder tractor, 3 cylinder tractor, 4 cylinder tractor and 6 cylinder tractor. According to its particular applications, the tractor can be divided into farm tractor...
  • Specification of shutdown solenoid

    Specification of shutdown solenoid

    Model TDSS-12VDC TDSS-24VDC Voltage 12V DC 24V DC Pull current 32.9A 21.9A Hold current 0.60A 0.58A Pull force 71.5N 77.9N Hold force 94N 129N
  • Tacho sensor

    Tacho sensor

    Be used for gear rotation on speed measurement Combining the advantages of stable signal, wide range of operating temperature, small size, simple assembly, etc It covers a wide range of measurement, and it is able to measure the zero rotation on speed Appearance: Nickel plated Frequence range: 100-15000 Operating voltage: 8~32V with polarity protection Operating current: < 50 mA Operating temperature: -40~150°C Output signal: Sine wave Signal duty factor: 47±5% Inductance distance:0.5~...
  • Oil heater

    Oil heater

    Main technical data: 1.Insulated Resistance :≥20MΩ 2.Electric Intensity : 1500V/1min 3.Ambient Temperature: -40~+80°C 4.Specification:  Model  Power(W)  Voltage (V) Diamension (mm)   L   H   M   TDOH-150/220   100-150   12 I 24 I 110 I 220   160   120 M22*1.5BSP0.75   TDOH-300/220   200-300   12 I 24 I 110 I 220   220   180   BSP1   TDOH-650/220   500-650   24 / 110/ 220   240   200 M30*15 BSP1
  • Temperature Sensore KE00103

    Temperature Sensore KE00103

    •Has temperature detection and alarm function •Compatible with many other major gauge brands. This allows the customers to easily exchange parts •Material: brass •Rated voltage: 12V, 24 V •Temperature response time : Minimum 3 minutes after power supply electrified . •Rated power for alarm switch: 1.2W ~3W •The temperature alarm tolerance: ±3℃ •Type of alarm touch: The switch turns off when the temperature riss. •Protection rank: IP67
  • Pressure Sensore K-E21119

    Pressure Sensore K-E21119

    •Combines the advantages of excellent anti-vibration performance, long service life, simple assembly , stable quality, wide range of operating temperature, etc. •Operating voltage: 12V, 24V •Conducting power: <5W •Operating temperature:-25~120℃(120℃ MAX 1H) •Measuring range: 0~10Bar •Alarm:0.5Bar •Output signal: 10 ~184Ω •Thread fitting: NPT1/4 •Protection rank : IP67 Press ure Resitance 0 10 ± 5 2 4 5 ± 5 4 8 0 ± 5 6 115 ± 5 8 15 0 ± 7 10 ...
  • water heater

    water heater

    SPEC IFICATIONS Available  with  1000 Watts  I  240  VAC  and  featuring  worksafe  Thermostat  conntrol system, which  is designed to maintain the engine temperature   at 40 degrees Celsius  whilst engine  is not running to prevent  overheating and prolong engine life. VERTICAL TYPE     Main tec hnical data: Model: HTR-V1000 Voltage: AC/240V Insulated   resistance: ≥10MΩ Electric intensity: 1500V/1 min ( Normal) Temperature: 40 ℃ Power: 1000W HORIZONTAL TYPE       Main technical data:  Mo...
  • Vibration isolator

    Vibration isolator

         T Y P E  LO A D MA X . (K G )    MA IN D IMENSIO N (m m )   W E IGH T (K G )   L     A B C D H  I  d  t T D V I-A 5 0 5 0  100  76  4 2  12  5 0  28  15  10  2.5  0.16 5  T D VI-A 8 0   8 0 T DVI-Q 100 100   153   120   100   16   96   4 2   16   12   3   0 .6 5 T DVI-Q 20 0 200 T DVI-Q 30 0 300 T DV I-S200 200     177     14 3     108     16     100     4 2     18     14     3     0 .8 T DVI-S 25 0 250  T DV I-S300   300 T DV I-S400 ...