marine & boat engines

YTO POWER all series engines can convert to marine type engines, power rang 10kw to 200kw,engine speed form 1500rpm to 3000pm with three,four and six cylinder engines。

Our Agirulture engines with below features

 Strong Power: Supply 10% higher power compare other brands engines.

• Reliable:All series engines have passed though 2000 hours durability test.

• Comfortable:small vibiation and low noise

• Economy:low fuel consumption and oil consumption.

• environmental protection:All meet China's diesel engine emissions requirements, some products meet the United States, Europe, India and other countries emission requirements.

• Certification:IS09001-2000,TS-16949,EPA,E-MARK,CPCB,CE Certificates.

Please contact with us to find more details of our engines for marine engines.